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Trash and Thrash have always lived the hard life, and now they're trying to work their way up in the local crime circuit.

Unfortunately, Trash isn't the best fighter, and Thrash isn't the best talker. They both need a hand! In this cooperative extort-em-up, find the shopkeepers favorite item and smash it to smithereens.

Player 1 uses the keyboard and tries to guess the right word by typing.

Player 2 uses the mouse, moving with left click and smashing with right click.

Find and smash before the timer runs out and the fuzz shows up, and you'll rule the Sector 7 Slums!

Install instructions

Run at fullscreen, 1920x1080 resolution for best performance.


Sector7 (Win).zip 81 MB
Sector7 (Mac).zip 50 MB

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